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Why Insight

In 1999 Insight Design was founded on the premise that there was a better way to produce demonstrative evidence. The conventional approach is for the consultant and project manager to talk to the clients, formulate concepts, and turn them over to production artists to render. These concepts are then taken back to the client and the whole process begun again. All too frequently, again and again and again. Tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and precious counsel time are wasted in the process.

Insight Design’s approach is to get the story right before we start spending time and money on design. We created a unique brainstorming process to get input from all members of the team and reconcile differences in real time. The brainstorm product is then translated into visuals by the same people who conducted the brainstorm. Nothing is lost in the translation, there is no large team to keep busy. The founding premise was proven, time and again.

We are as much defined by what we are not as by what we are. We are not jury researchers, document managers, or courtroom technicians. We are demonstrative evidence designers. We have close associates in those other areas which we will be happy to recommend or even subcontract to them if you would prefer a single invoice.