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Padcom v. Netmotion

The Case: Padcom developed and patented unique technology to enable mobile computers to switch seamlessly among various types of networks while on the move, without losing connection. Netmotion sold software with all of the patented functionality. Padcom filed suit for patent infringement.

The Challenge: Insight Design was retained by counsel for Padcom to create visuals for trial. It was necessary to distill the complex technology to its essence to teach the patent, clearly show that the claim elements are present in the accused devices, and explain the differences between the patented technology and the prior art.

The Solution: In close collaboration with the client, the unique contribution of the technology was determined to be “switching during transmission”. Insight Design developed a visual language based on that unique contribution to illustrate the technology and this was employed in several witness packages.

  • Infringement – A simplified diagram was synthesized from several patent figures and the central patent advantage, “switching during transmission” was animated against this diagram. Actual equipment with the accused software installed was arranged to resemble the base diagram and a video was made which clearly showed “switching during transmission”.
  • Validity – using the same visual language superimposed on diagrams of the asserted prior art, gross differences between the patent and prior art were illustrated.

The Outcome: The jury found all asserted claims to be valid and infringed.

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