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Demonstrative Evidence
Communications Strategy
On-Location Support
Insight Design is always my first choice for creating demonstrative exhibits.

Communications Strategy

Over the past years, Insight Design has developed a unique approach to communications strategy development. We begin the process by facilitating a brainstorming session with you and your team. This brainstorm is analogous to your discovery phase. Over the course of a few hours we will examine with you:

Making the most of your litigation budget.
  • the audience
  • the objectives of the litigation
  • the conclusions that we wish the fact finders to draw
  • the arguments that lead to those conclusions
  • the evidence which supports those arguments
  • the witnesses who will introduce that evidence
  • any background or tutorial material the fact finders will need to understand the arguments and evidence
  • any ideas for demonstratives from the legal team

Because the whole team is present, all of the facts, strategic thoughts, and creative ideas can be incorporated, and differences can be explored and resolved in real time. The resulting “Insight” map is organized thematically to ensure that everything is covered. This map can be sorted by witness to aid you in developing witness outlines and Q&A.